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Services & Pricing

There's no pressure to know specifically what you'd like or what you have had done in the past-- a health history will be filled out by you, and then we will talk about your goals and expectations of the session. But, here's a guideline of services for you, 

if necessary....


Swedish Massage

Medium pressure is applied through flowing strokes to the muscles & tissues of your body to help stimulate relaxation. You will feel as if the soreness in your body is melting away with minimal to no discomfort. Perfect for the first-time massage client, people with fibromyalgia or anyone who just wants to relax.

30minutes $55

60minutes $83

90minutes $103

Deep Tissue Massage

More focused, deeper strokes are used in this type of massage to alleviate any specific problem area(s) and/or pain points. This treatment can be uncomfortable during the work-- but after the treatment, the client feels much looser and more open. The after effects are worth it! Perfect for the massage "professional", any athlete or anyone who has specific areas on the body to be addressed.

30minutes $60

60minutes $89

90minutes $109

Prenatal Massage

This is the perfect massage for the Mama-to-Be! A special pillow is placed on top of the massage table in order for the expectant Mama to have the chance to lie face down and relax. Great for ever-changing pregnant bodies that need some TLC !

*Please get the OK from your doctor before scheduling a Prenatal Massage, for both you and your child's safety.

60minutes $87

90minutes $107

LaStone Treatment

Perfect treat when the weather gets cold, as warm stones are used to do the massaging. If you've never tried this before, it is a must. The smooth, warm stones melt away any tightness in your muscles without you even realizing is that relaxing!

*Not for pregnant women, as the core body temp. gets raised too high.

60minutes $90

90minutes $110



This isn't just your run-of-the-mill foot massage! Foot exfoliation starts this treatment to awaken the feet. Then specific "reflex" points (corresponding to areas in the body) are targeted on the feet to stimulate relaxation while healing the body. Based on ancient Chinese theories, this treatment is the ultimate indulgence!

60minutes $85

Extra 15minutes of Treatment

Whether we incorporate stones to a Swedish/Deep Tissue massage and run over, or you feel like you just need a "little extra", this is perfect for you. Just let me know when scheduling the appointment, or you can check before starting the treatment to see if time allows.

15minutes $23  

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