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Welcome to Therapeutic Balance, LLC!

You deserve to be pampered – and Therapeutic Balance, LLC is the perfect destination for relaxation. The private setting of the massage room adds a sense of calmness to even the most hectic of lives, so why not treat yourself today to some much-needed recharging with a massage. As you enter this peaceful oasis, you will be able to feel the stress melting away as you take in the soft music and dim lights...when else do you let yourself be "taken away" like this in your everyday life?

With the stress in the world today and all the demands put upon us by family, friends and work, the concept of massage is no longer just a luxury but a necessity! Don't forget to take care of yourself so you can continue to care for others around you.


Treat yourself, your friends or family-Therapeutic Balance, LLC gift certificates are available.

Call today for an appointment at 920-284-6873!

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